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Frameset Class Reference

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struct  utilization_wrapper
struct  zfcpdd_wrapper

Public Member Functions

void add_data (struct adapter_utilization *msg)
void add_data (struct blkiomon_stat *msg)
void add_data (struct zfcpdd_dstat *msg)
void add_data (struct ioerr_cnt *msg)
 Frameset (const Collapser *col, bool normalize=true)
__u64 get_begin_time () const
struct blkiomon_statget_blkiomon_stat_by_chpid (__u32 chpid) const
struct blkiomon_statget_blkiomon_stat_by_devno (__u32 devno) const
struct blkiomon_statget_blkiomon_stat_by_mm (__u32 mm) const
struct blkiomon_statget_blkiomon_stat_by_mp_mm (__u32 mp_mm) const
struct blkiomon_statget_blkiomon_stat_by_wwpn (__u64 wwpn) const
const Collapserget_collapser () const
 get pointer to collapser
__u64 get_duration () const
__u64 get_end_time () const
struct blkiomon_statget_first_blkiomon_stat () const
struct zfcpdd_dstatget_first_zfcpdd_stat () const
struct ioerr_cntget_ioerr_stat_by_chpid (__u32 chpid) const
struct ioerr_cntget_ioerr_stat_by_devno (__u32 devno) const
const vector< struct ioerr_cnt * > & get_ioerr_stats () const
__u64 get_timestamp () const
struct adapter_utilizationget_utilization_stat_by_chpid (__u32 chpid) const
struct adapter_utilizationget_utilization_stat_by_devno (__u32 devno) const
struct adapter_utilizationget_utilization_stat_by_host_id (__u32 h_id) const
struct zfcpdd_dstatget_zfcpdd_stat_by_chpid (__u32 chpid) const
struct zfcpdd_dstatget_zfcpdd_stat_by_devno (__u32 devno) const
struct zfcpdd_dstatget_zfcpdd_stat_by_mm (__u32 mm) const
struct zfcpdd_dstatget_zfcpdd_stat_by_mp_mm (__u32 mp_mm) const
struct zfcpdd_dstatget_zfcpdd_stat_by_wwpn (__u64 wwpn) const
bool is_aggregated () const
bool is_empty () const
void reinit ()
void replace_missing_datasets (int interval_length)
void set_aggregated (bool aggr)
void set_timeframe (__u64 begin, __u64 end, __u64 timestamp)

Private Member Functions

void add_zero_frames (struct utilization_wrapper *wrp, int num_expected, int interval_length)
int find_index (const list< __u32 > &lst, __u32 val) const
 returns index of 'val' as found in 'lst', <0 otherwise
int find_index (const list< __u64 > &lst, __u64 val) const
 returns index of 'val' as found in 'lst', <0 otherwise
int get_by_chpid (__u32 chpid) const
int get_by_devno (__u32 devno) const
int get_by_mm (__u32 mm) const
int get_by_mp_mm (__u32 mp_mm) const
int get_by_wwpn (__u64 wwpn) const
void init_utilization_wrapper (struct utilization_wrapper *wrp)
void init_zfcpdd_wrapper (struct zfcpdd_wrapper *wrp)
void normalize_stat (struct abbrev_stat *stat, __u64 count)
void normalize_util_stat (struct utilization_stats *stats)
void normalize_zfcpdd_stat (struct zfcpdd_dstat *stat)
 rescale zfcpdd_dstat->channel_latency from ns to us

Private Attributes

bool m_aggregated
 indicates whether the frameset is from the .agg file
vector< struct blkiomon_stat * > m_blkiomon_stats
 zfcpdd statistics, ordered by device (ascending)
const Collapserm_collapser
bool m_empty
__u64 m_end_time
 end of the frame
vector< struct ioerr_cnt * > m_ioerr_stats
bool m_normalize
__u64 m_start_time
 begin of the frame
__u64 m_timestamp
 timestamp of latest message added to the set
vector< struct
 zfcpdd statistics, ordered by host adapter no (ascending)
vector< struct zfcpdd_wrapperm_zfcpdd_stats
 zfcpdd statistics, ordered by device (ascending)

Detailed Description

Definition at line 28 of file ziorep_frameset.hpp.

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