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Printer Class Reference

#include <ziorep_printers.hpp>

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Public Member Functions

bool print_csv () const
 Whether the output should be done in CSV format or not.
virtual int print_frame (FILE *fp, const Frameset &frameset, const DeviceFilter &dev_filt)=0
virtual void print_topline (FILE *fp)=0
 Printer (const ConfigReader *cfg, bool csv_mode)

Protected Member Functions

struct blkiomon_statget_empty_blkiomon_stat (__u32 device=0)
struct ioerr_cntget_empty_ioerr (struct hctl_ident *identifier)
struct adapter_utilizationget_empty_utilization (__u32 host_id)
struct zfcpdd_dstatget_empty_zfcpdd_dstat (__u32 device=0)
struct adapter_utilizationget_invalid_utilization (__u32 host_id)
void print_abbrev_num (FILE *fp, double num) const
void print_abbrev_num (FILE *fp, __u64 num, int max_digs) const
void print_abbrev_num (FILE *fp, double num, int max_digs, bool more_places=false) const
void print_abbrev_num (FILE *fp, __u32 num, int max_digs) const
void print_delimiter (FILE *fp)
void print_invalid (FILE *fp, int width)
 Print a character indicating that the respective value is not valid.
void print_timestamp (FILE *fp, const Frameset &frameset)

Protected Attributes

const ConfigReaderm_cfg
bool m_csv
 set if result should be printed is csv
char m_delim

Private Member Functions

void determine_digs (int leading_places, int max_digs, int *num_full_digs, int *num_places) const
void determine_mag_factor (int leading_places, char *magnitude, double *factor) const
void print_abbreviated (FILE *fp, double num, int leading_places, int max_digs) const

Private Attributes

struct zfcpdd_dstat m_dstat
struct ioerr_cnt m_ioerr
int m_prev_day
 day of month of last day that was printed
struct blkiomon_stat m_stat
struct adapter_utilization m_util
struct adapter_utilization m_util_invalid

Detailed Description

Base class for all printer classes

Definition at line 21 of file ziorep_printers.hpp.

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